Dr. Tiffany Barnes

Tiffany Barnes is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at NC State University and received her PhD from NC State in 2003. Dr. Barnes received an NSF CAREER Award for her novel work in using data to add intelligence to STEM learning environments. Dr. Barnes is co-PI on the $9 M NSF STARS Alliance grants that engage college students in outreach, research, and service. She has received ~$2 M in funds as PI from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and industry sources to research effective ways to build serious games for education, exercise, and environmental awareness; promote undergraduate research; and develop new ways to teach computing. Dr. Barnes serves on the ACM SIGCSE board (2010-2016), the International Educational Data Mining Society Executive Board (2011-2016), and the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society Executive Committee (2014-2016). She was general chair of the 2008 Educational Data Mining conference and program chair of the 2014 Foundations of Digital Games conference. Dr. barnes has served as associate editor for the Journal of Educational Data Mining and was a guest editor for IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Current Post Doc

Dr. Behrooz Mostafavi (Just graduated!)

Having worked with Dr. Barnes since 2009, Behrooz is the mastermind behind the Deep Thought project. Behrooz's research is focused on data-driven methods for improving personalized instruction in intelligent tutoring systems. Behrooz believes that proper education for all is the first step in creating a peaceful and progressive world, and delights in spreading knowledge wherever he can.

Current Graduate Students

Drew Hicks (Just defended)(Cognitive Model Engineer, IBM Watson)

Drew is the chief designer of programming game BOTS, and an NSF and GAANN research fellow. Drew's research focuses on user-authored content in serious games and educational games. Drew is interested in how games help players learn, and what players' gaming, sharing and creating behaviors can teach us.

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Veronica Catete (PhD)

Veronica is an NSF graduate research fellow, winner of Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship, game designer, and leader in broadening participation in computing. Veronica's research focuses on K-12 Computer Science Education Implementation, such as educational games and HS courses. Veronica also leads the STARS outreach program, where she puts her research into practice.

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Thomason Price (PhD)

Thomas Price is PhD student who started in 2013. Thomas's research is focused on data-driven techniques for providing individualized feedback and guidance to students during complex tasks, such as computer programming.

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Zhongxiu (Aurora) Liu (PhD)

Aurora started her PhD in 2014. Aurora is interested in analyzing data of student play in serious games. Aurora's past work has been on Deep Thought logic tutor, MOOC, and BOTS. She is currently working on ST Math-a set of math games created by MIND Research Institute designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning. Personal Website

Yihuan Dong (PhD)

Yihuan joined the lab in 2014, with a background in Natural Language Processing. and Software Engineering

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Rui Zhi (PhD)

Rui joined the lab in 2014. Rui is interested in designing games that makes learning a enjoyable and fascinating experience. Rui is currently working on programming game BOTS.

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Alex Milliken (PhD)

Alex joined the lab in Fall 2015. She is passionate about teaching math and computing to kids. Alex is interested in understanding about learning disabilities (learning differences) and programming environments that cater to individual needs. She currently works on the CodeBreaker project.

Christa Cody (PhD)

Christa joined the lab in Fall 2015. She is working on data analytics of Deep Thought and ST-Math projects.

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Rachel Harred (PhD)

Rachel joined the lab in Spring 2017. She is interested in in telligent tutoring systems, educational games and machine learning. She is currently working on the Code Breaker and iSnap projects.

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Current Undergraduate Researchers

Lab Alumni

Dr. Michael Eagle - Post-doc Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Collin Lynch - Assistant Professor, NC State
Dr. Jennifer Albert - Director of the STEM Center of Excellent at Citadel
Dr. Acey Boyce - Statistical Analyst, Turbine Inc
Dr. Evie Powell - President & Creative Director, Verge of Brilliance LLC
Dr. John Stamper - Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Erin Snider - SAS
Barry Peddycord III - Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Cumulus Network
Rebecca Brown - Industry
Vikas Piddempally - Software Engineer,LexisNexis
Katie Doran - Project Manager, Microsoft Hololens
Earl Huff Jr.- Instructor, Elon University