Tiffany Barnes, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, Computer Science
North Carolina State University
Twitter/X: @DrTiffanyBarnes

General Information

Tiffany Barnes is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at NC State University. She received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from N.C. State. Dr. Barnes has served as chair or program chair for many conferences, including ACM SIGCSE, Educational Data Mining RESPECT, STARS Celebration, and Foundations of Digital Games. Tiffany Barnes has recently served on the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education Board (2010-2016), the Board of Directors for the International Educational Data Mining Society (2011-present), Chair of IEEE Computer STC Broadening Participation, and Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (2016-present). Dr. Barnes received an NSF CAREER Award for her novel work in using data and educational data mining to add intelligence to STEM learning environments. Dr. Barnes co-leads for the STARS Computing Corps, a consortium of 53 universities that has engaged 1700+ college students in outreach (to over 120K K12 students), research, and service to broaden participation in computing (NSF 1840686, 2023400). Dr. Barnes is currently working on additional NSF-funded projects to provide data-driven intelligent tutoring support in STEM (1544273, 1726550, 2013502) novice programming (1623470, 1917885), and university courses (2021330, 1821475), prepare high school teachers to teach foundational CS courses for broader participation in computing (1542922, 1949492), and to prepare K12 teachers to integrate computational thinking into their courses (1837439; 1742351), and provide research experiences to undergraduates (1950607) and teachers (2055528).


PhD, 2003,Computer Science
North Carolina State University
The q-matrix method of fault-tolerant teaching in knowledge assessment and data mining
Advisors: Donald Bitzer and Mladen Vouk

MS, 2000, Computer Science & Mathematics
North Carolina State University

BS-honors, 1995, Computer Science & Mathematics
North Carolina State University

Curriculum Vitae last updated in March, 2021

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