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Best Paper Nominees

Zhongxiu Peddycord-Liu, Rachel Harred, Sarah Karamarkovich, Tiffany Barnes, Collin Lynch and Teomara Rutherford (2018). Learning Curve Analysis in a Large-Scale, Drill-and-Practice Serious Math Game: Where is Learning Support Needed? . 19th International Conference on AI in Education, Festival of Learning. (AIED), London, UK.

Veronica Catete, Tiffany Barnes. (2017). Application of the Delphi Method in Computer Science Principles Rubric Creation. ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. (ITiCSE), Bologna, Italy.

Andrew Hicks, Zhongxiu Liu, and Tiffany Barnes. (2016). Measuring Gameplay Affordances of User-Generated Content in an Educational Game. Educational Data Mining (EDM2016), Raleigh, NC. pp. 78-85.

Veronica Catete, Erin Snider, and Tiffany Barnes. (2016). Developing a Rubric for a Creative CS Principles Lab. ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (iTSCE). Lima, Peru. pp. 290-295

Drew Hicks, Veronica Catete, Tiffany Barnes. 2014.Part Of The Game: Changing Level Creation to Identify and Filter Low-Quality User Generated Levels. In Proceedings of the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG '14).

Amy Shannon, Acey Boyce, Chitra Gadwal, Tiffany Barnes. 2013. Effective Practices in Game Tutorial Systems. 8th ACM Foundations of Digital Games 2013: 338-345.

John Stamper, Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes, and Marvin Croy. 2013. Experimental Evaluation of Automatic Hint Generation for a Logic Tutor. Intl. Journal on AI in Education (IJAIED), Volume 22(1-2): 3-17 (2013).

John C. Stamper, Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes, and Marvin Croy. 2011. Experimental evaluation of automatic hint generation for a logic tutor. In Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Artificial intelligence in education (AIED'11), Gautam Biswas, Susan Bull, Judy Kay, and Antonija Mitrovic (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 345-352.

Tiffany Barnes and John Stamper . 2008. Toward Automatic Hint Generation for Logic Proof Tutoring Using Historical Student Data. InProceedings of the 9th international conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS '08), Beverley P. Woolf, Esma Ameur, Roger Nkambou, and Susanne Lajoie (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 373-382.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Veronica Catete (2012 Winner)

Samantha Finkelstein (2011 Winner)

Andrew Hicks (2011 Winner)

Eve Powell (2008 Winner)

Christa Cody (2016, 2017 Honorable Mention)

Alexandra Milliken (2016, 2017 Honorable Mention)

Thomas Price (2013, 2014, 2015 Honorable Mention)

Katie Doran (2012 Honorable Mention)

Acey Boyce (2010 Honorable Mention)

Michael Eagle (2008 Honorable Mention)

Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship

Veronica Catete (2012 Winner)

Academic Honors

NC State Computer Science Outstanding Dissertation Award (2018) - Veronica Catete

NC State Computer Science Outstanding Research Award (2018) - Aurora Peddycord-Liu

NC State Engineering Doctoral Scholar of the Year (2018) - Thomas Price

Service Awards

NC State Computer Science Grad Student Leadership Award (2018) - Veronica Catete

NC State Equity For Women Award - Student (2017) Veronica Catete

Give Back Organization Outstanding Award for Supporting the Community (2017) - Yihuan Dong

Deborah S. Moore Memorial Service Award - Outstanding Student Volunteer (2016) - Veronica Catete

NC State Centennial Campus Partnership Award - Outstanding Leadership and Service in Computer Science Education (2013) - Veronica Catete