Dr. Tiffany Barnes

Tiffany Barnes is Professor of Computer Science at NC State University. She received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from N.C. State. Dr. Barnes has served as chair or program chair for many conferences, including ACM SIGCSE, Educational Data Mining RESPECT, STARS Celebration, and Foundations of Digital Games. Tiffany Barnes has recently served on the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education Board (2010-2016), the Board of Directors for the International Educational Data Mining Society (2011-present), Chair of IEEE Computer STC Broadening Participation, and Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (2016-present). Dr. Barnes received an NSF CAREER Award for her novel work in using data and educational data mining to add intelligence to STEM learning environments. Dr. Barnes co-leads for the STARS Computing Corps, a consortium of 53 universities that has engaged 1700+ college students in outreach (to over 120K K12 students), research, and service to broaden participation in computing. Dr. Barnes is currently working on NSF-funded projects to provide data-driven intelligent tutoring support in STEM (1432156, 1726550) and novice programming (1623470), mine math educational game data for actionable insights (1544273), prepare high school teachers to teach the new AP CS Principles course (1542922, 1346922), and to prepare K12 teachers to integrate computational thinking into their courses, and provide research experiences to undergraduates (1659745).

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Research Scientist

Dr. Veronica Catete

Veronica is an NSF graduate research fellow, winner of Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship, game designer, and leader in broadening participation in computing. Veronica's research focuses on K-12 Computer Science Education Implementation, such as educational games and HS courses. Veronica currently focuses on supporting the introduction of computing into K-12 STEM courses, where she puts her research into practice. Veronica also leads the Socially Relevant Computing and Analaytic REU program at NC State.

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Current Graduate Students

Yihuan Dong (PhD)

Yihuan joined the lab in 2014, with a background in Natural Language Processing and Software Engineering. He is assissting in the STEM+C project.

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Alex Milliken (PhD)

Alex joined the lab in Fall 2015. She is passionate about ensuring technology is useful and usable by people, focusing on their experience and interaction with projects she works on. She is also passionate about spreading computational knowledge to everyone which is why she has led many outreach opportunities throughout the school year and during summer camps. Her newest project is developing a block-based grading platform intended for teachers who are grading block-based programming projects.

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Nick Lytle (PhD)

Nick joined the lab in Fall 2016 and leads Owen's Data Dash (a data structures educational game) and its integration into classes. He also works on the STEM+C and Bridge to Computing projects and has contributed to BOTS and iSNAP!.

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Rachel Harred (PhD)

Rachel joined the lab in Spring 2017. She is interested in intelligent tutoring systems, educational games and machine learning. She is currently working on the Deep Thought project and starting a new ChatBot project for assitinging students.

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Mehak Maniktala (PhD)

Mehak is a PhD student who joined the lab in Fall 2017. She is working on enhancing Deep Thought with different Machine Learning techniques for better problem selection. She is also working on the ModSoc project for identifying behavioral patterns using data mining approaches.

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Ruth Okoilu Akintunde (PhD)

Ruth joined the department in 2016 and is a PhD student who contributes to the ST Math project. Ruth works on the ST Math project and uses machine learning and data analytics to develop insights for improving math games embedded in the academic classroom such as recomended curriculum sequences for smoothest learning experiences.

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David Warren (PhD)

Joining the lab in 2018, David Warren is a new PhD student. His primary interest is in researching intelligent tutoring systems, and he has also contributed to iSnap. He is currently working on an addition to the Deep Thought project to widen its coverage of discrete math fields. He also acts as instructor for the Bridge to Computing camp.

Amy Isvik (PhD)

Amy is a PhD student who joined the lab in Fall 2018. She is working on broadening participation in computing through high school computing interventions as well as by joining the STEM+C team. Amy helps conduct field studies in K-12 classrooms and supports teachers in creating coding projects using block-based programming environments.

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Preya Shabrina (PhD)

Preya joined the lab in Fall 2018 and contributes to the ST Math project. Her primary interest is Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Currently she is giving her efforts to find out how ST Math is used in elementary school classrooms and how the gameplay sessions should be designed using data driven methods on students' sequential game play data.

Lauren Alvarez (PhD)

Lauren is a PhD student who joined the lab in Fall 2019. Her research interests are in machine learning and social justice with an emphasis in artificial intelligence for social good. She plans to use computer science as a tool to promote racial and gender equity. She's interested in a career that impacts society and the lives of future people of color for the better, and has a commitment to education and mentorship.

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Dave Bell (PhD)

Dave joined the lab in Fall 2019 and is interested in developing educational games to teach computing to under represented populations in computing.

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Current Undergraduate Researchers

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact

Amanda Richarsdon (BS)

Amanda is an undergraduate student in her 1st year of Computer Science who joined the lab, Summer of 2020. She has a passion for recruiting women into tech and providing opportunities for populations that have been underrepresented in tech. Currently, she is working with a team studying Computing for Social Good on a tool that specializes in delivering guidance on racial justice activism.

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Cristina Lopez (BS)

Cristina is an undergraduate computer science and linguistics student. She is interested in technology-assisted education, ethical and fair computing, and making CS more approachable and accessible. She is currently working on ANTIE.

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Emma Stone (BS)

Emma is an undergraduate who joined the lab in Summer of 2019. She is passionate about computer science, and is exploring many facets of it including product development and quantum computing. She is currently working in this lab to develop a tool to assist novice programmers in planning Snap! projects.

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Katherine Marsh (BS)

Katherine is a fourth year computer science student who joined the lab in Summer 2020. She has worked on the GradeSnap! project and is currently working on the ANTIE: Activism Chatbot project. She also has interest in computer science education, UX design, 3D visualization, and frontend development.

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Neeloy Gomes (BS)

Neeloy is an undergraduate student who joined the lab in Spring 2020. He has developed an aptitude and strengthened his interests in computer science since studying about it in high school, and loves tackling new programming languages and exploring topics about game development and quantum computing. He is currently working on a system to assist novice programmers with planning open-ended Snap projects.

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Nicolas Seay (BS)

Nico is an undergraduate who joined the lab in Spring 2020. He has a particular interest in applications of Machine Learning. He is currently working on a system to assist novice programmers with planning Snap projects.

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Savan Doshi (BS)

Savan is a 2nd year computer science and mathematics student working on GradeSnap! He teaches the app development club at NC State and helps organize the NC State Hackathon, PackHacks.

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Lab Alumni

Graduate Students
Dr. John Stamper (2006-2009) - Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Evie Powell (2006-2012) - President & Creative Director, Verge of Brilliance LLC
Dr. Matt Johnson (2009-2013) - Sr. Software Engineer, Rapyuta Robotics
Dr. Andrea Nickle (2008-2013)
Dr. Acey Boyce (2008-2013) - Statistical Analyst, Turbine Inc
Dr. Michael Eagle (2009-2015) - Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Dr. Andrew Hicks (2009-2016) - UX Data Analyst , Epic Games
Dr. Thomas W. Price (2013-2018) - Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
Dr. Behrooz Mostafavi (2010-2016, PostDoc 2017-2018) - Research Scientist, Soar Technology
Dr. Zhongxiu(Aurora) Peddycord-Liu (2014-2018) - Data Scientist, SAS
Dr. Rui Zhi (2014-2019) - Data Scientist, Facebook
Dr. Christa Cody (2015-2020) - Data Scientist, SAS
Rachel Brinkman - Software Engineer, Truefit
Rebecca Brown - Software Engineer, Foster Moore
Katie Doran - Project Manager, Oculus
Barry Peddycord III - Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Cumulus Network
Vikas Piddempally - Software Engineer, LexisNexis
Undergraduate Students
Trevor Brennan - NetApp
Caroline Law - Software Engineer, WillowTree
Mital Modi - Data Strategies Interchange, LLC
Alexander Rouse - Software Engineer, Republic Wireless
Sam Schoeneberger - Build Engineer, Red Storm Entertainment
Shrenik Shah - Salesforce
Erin Snider - Software Developer, SAS
Meghana Subramaniam - Software Engineer, Cisco
Kathleen Wassell - IBM Watson
Dr. Jennifer Albert (2013-2015) - Director of the STEM Center of Excellent at Citadel
Dr. Collin Lynch (2013-2015) - Assistant Professor, NC State
Dragan Lipovac (2015-2016) - Finance, Chicago